What is Toolnext?

The aim of the Toolnext project is creating a platform allowing mediate contact for sharing or borrowing items. This page is currently under development and now it enables basic functions like publishing items for share or demands, to find items and demands and posibility to contact other users.

Web page about sharing items arose from an idea, when author living in Prague has realized that he owns many things in his small flat that are not often used and have a potential for sharing. Together with the fact, people in metropolises often doesn't know their neighbours due to high anonymity, sharing is not so often as in towns or in the country.

Are Toolnext services free?

Yes, Toolnext is free. You can publish your demands and share your items for free.

How can I start?

It is very simple to start on Toolnext, at first you need to register and create your own account.

Log in - Create new account

How can I Add Item? 

After registration, it is possible to share your first item!

Tools - Add item

How can I View List of my items?

Overview of my items is very intuitive. Also you can edit your items or inquiries here.

Tools - List of my items

How can I Switch the Language?

Website can be switched to Czech or English.

Language switcher - English/Czech

What development are you planning?

We would like to add for example these functions

  • rating of users based on shared items,
  • possibility to pay or to secure borrowing by credit cards or virtual currencies,
  • additional statistics for users,
  • communications among users using Toolnext messenger,
  • additional functions for professional rental companies.

Our vision is to extend functions and services of Toolnext to the standard of Airbnb.

How do we finance development?

Now we are using own financial sources. We are planning to start the crowdfunding campaign. We would like to offer a limited place for the banner. Users can donate our project by virtual currencies(BTC) too.

What is allowed and what is strictly prohibited?

Toolnext was created to mediate offers of common things. Offers of guns, drugs, chemicals, pornography and other things which are illegal are strictly prohibited on Toolnext. Toolnext was created as a free platform to share contacts. Toolnext is not responsible for the content of individual users. Toolnext appeals for honest behavior to users. Toolnext insist on the right to delete a user account for any unfair, vulgar or dishonest behavior of the user. Toolnext is not responsible for damages caused by the usage of its services. Users arrange individual borrowings at their own risk. Without the permission of the authors, it is forbidden to spread any advertising.