What we do?

We try to create the project of sharing economy. We would like to create a place and community where people will share theirs equipment and tools. Toolnext mediates contacts between people who need to borrow items and people or companies willing to lend items.

How the idea arose?

After the reconstruction of my flat I needed borrow few tools to complete few details. I realised that I need a chop saw, bigger drill a others.  Usually I used to borrow tools from my father or friends, but now living hundreds km from them it become more complicated. Rental companies are usually open only when I am at work and located out of the city centre. Buying it costs money and space in my small flat too... On the other hand I own many thing I could lent which I use only few times per year. For example tent, roof bike racks, jig saw, acu-drill, mountain bikes and others. 

And the idea was born.

I ask my friends what they were thinking about creating a web for sharing everything you need...

...and we started developing this project in our free time.


Who we are

Martin Vondrasek

Our plan for success

Phase 1: Kick-off

- In this phase we release web page with basic functions and release a market search based on questionnaire and community ideas.
- We start crownfundig campaign to secure funding for development and operation costs. 
- This phase provides only contact among users.

Phase 2: development of toolnext according community needs.

- Provision of payment between users - by credit cards, PayPal and virtual coin like Bitcoin, Litecoin and others.
- Security for borrowing - Now we have few models and ideas. For example deposit by card, points on your account, user ranking,   certification for users... the best models will be choosen by user and by experience after pilot projects
- More languages
- More categories
- calendar
- faster core if it is necessary

Phase 3: Development based on users experience from previous phases

- Insurance for borrowings
- special account for companies, export and import data about borrowing, creating invoices